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Unlocking Faster Onboarding with Cloud Visualization

As an engineering manager, you’re tasked with building high-performing teams to support your organization’s development goals. However, the increasing complexity of your cloud setup and the underlying Infrastructure as Code (IaC) like Terraform can pose a significant challenge when it comes to onboarding new developers, especially those without deep expertise.

This is where Inkdrop, a Terraform visualization tool, can be a game-changer. By providing a clear, intuitive representation of your cloud infrastructure, Inkdrop empowers you to onboard new developers, including those with limited Terraform experience, more quickly and effectively.

Bridging the Cloud Knowledge Gap
One of the primary hurdles in onboarding new developers to a IaC-driven infrastructure is the steep learning curve associated with the tool. Terraform’s verbosity can be daunting, particularly for those who are new to the world of cloud infrastructure management.

Inkdrop addresses this challenge by providing a visual overview of your cloud resources, their dependencies, and the underlying Terraform configurations. This allows developers to quickly grasp the overall cloud architecture and contribute faster.

Streamlining Onboarding and Fostering Collaboration
When new developers can easily visualize and comprehend the existing infrastructure, it becomes much easier for them to collaborate with their more experienced colleagues. (eg. asking informed questions)

This not only benefits the new hires but also frees up the time of your more experienced team members, who no longer have manually explain and document the architecture. 

Inkdrop’s provides a centralized, visual representation of your cloud infrastructure. This creates a common language and shared understanding among your team members, regardless of their individual expertise.

Embracing Cloud Visualization for Faster, More Effective Onboarding
As an engineering manager, your primary goal is to build and maintain a high-performing team that can effectively manage and evolve your organization’s codebase. By leveraging Inkdrop’s Terraform visualization capabilities, you can onboard new developers, including those with limited Terraform expertise, more quickly and efficiently, allowing them to become productive members of your team in a shorter timeframe.

Embrace the power of Inkdrop and unlock the benefits of faster onboarding, improved team collaboration, and more effective infrastructure management.